ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental issues that occur in children. In 2016, the total number of children in the United States affected by ADHD was 6.1 million.

Children struggling with ADHD face various problems at both home and school.  They have difficulty getting along with others, talk too much, are forgetful, act impulsively and make careless mistakes, amongst other issues.

Unfortunately, ADHD doesn’t just affect these children; it affects their families, too. A child’s ADHD can lead to more stress and frustration for the entire family, as compared to families who don’t have a child with ADHD.

Conventional ADHD Treatment

On the other hand, the conventional treatment with prescription drugs comes often with side-effects while still only addressing the symptoms and acting as a bandaid. Many parents feel frustrated and disappointed as they witness their children with nausea, lethargy and other effects of medication.

Due to this stress, often many families are looking for any alternative ADHD treatment or natural ADHD treatment that does not have the same impact as prescription drugs while being backed by science.

Neurofeedback as an Option

Non-invasive and considered 100% safe by the FDA as well as being used by NASA since the 1960’s, neurofeedback has demonstrated its efficacy in managing symptoms associated with  ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia, and Panic Attacks as well as many others. Neurofeedback is also being applied for Peak Performance in Olympic Teams, business executives, music, school, etc.

A Movie or A Video Game to Treat ADHD?

The procedure starts with a brain map to record electrical activity and determine where the brainwaves patterns are dysfunctional. This map will be followed by others during the process so every improvement will be documented.

In the sessions themselves, which are 100% non-invasive, the person with ADHD will be spending time watching a movie or playing video games while having their brainwaves monitored by neurofeedback software. 

Every time the brain falls into a dysfunctional pattern, the game blurs, or the movie fades, forcing the brain to get back to a positive pattern so they can engage with the game or movie again. Over time, these corrective measures become patterns, causing the brain to normalize to an extent. This is called neuroplasticity. 

The key to neurofeedback’s success is the way it establishes specific patterns as behavior changes. This encourages the brain to form new habits that become permanent. During and at the end of the process, brain maps are created so their results can be analyzed. There is no guessing involved. 

Medicaid and Insurance Coverage

While most insurance providers still prefer to pay for prescription drugs and do not cover neurofeedback, depending on the insurance provider, extended coverage will pay partially or in full for the program.

When the costs are broken down, the average cost per session equals a regular therapy session and the total is similar, or even cheaper than paying for braces. It’s always worth checking with your insurance.

A huge plus is that the treatment is also included in Family Direct Medicaid which, most of the time, will cover 100% of the treatment for children affected by ADHD and other developmental issues.

For every other case, our clinic will work together with you to create a realistic payment plan so your family health will not be disregarded due to financial reasons.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you are not happy with conventional ADHD treatment and would like to change the way things are going for your family, the next step is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us. 

We are currently offering in-office, Zoom®, or phone consultations.

There you can enjoy a relaxing, no-pressure atmosphere to find out if Neurofeedback is a good match for your family!

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