While Family Direct Medicaid in Idaho usually covers 100% of the treatment for children with developmental disabilities, health insurance providers offer many different plans and options in regard of drug-free and alternative treatments for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and other conditions.

It is best to either call your carrier and inquire whether your plan covers Neurofeedback Therapy, or call our office and we can make the inquiry for you. Some health savings accounts reimburse the patient for the therapy, as long as a receipt is submitted.

Some Neurofeedback providers will bill insurance carriers for counseling, behavioral therapy, or psychotherapy. Be very careful, as this is Insurance fraud. You can not bill insurance carriers for treatment you do not receive. Neurofeedback is not counseling, behavioral therapy, or psychotherapy. If the insurance carrier performs an audit on the provider and determines that payment was not warranted, then they can demand payment from the patient as well as bring legal action against the patient and provider for insurance fraud.