Here at Cognitive Solutions, we have many different services to fit your specific needs. To assist all of our patients, we offer the following services:

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses EEG to provide a signal that can be used by a person to receive feedback about brain activity.

Like other forms of biofeedback, neurofeedback training (NFT) uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual on the state of their neurological functioning. The characteristic that distinguishes NFT from other biofeedback is the focus on the brain. NFT has its foundations in basic and applied neuroscience as well as data-based clinical practice. It takes into account behavioral, cognitive, and subjective aspects as well as brain activity.

Whole Body Vibration
Whole Body Vibration (WBV) stimulates the whole body at a desired frequency, thus arousing the brain by increasing blood flow and oxygen. When performed with specific exercises can help with balance, coordination and motor control.

Our best results come with WBV is when it is combined with one or more therapies.

Audio Visual Entrainment is a special compact computer with special LED glasses and head phones. The AVE uses flashes of lights and pulses of tones to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity. We utilize the AVE units to guide the brain towards the training protocols used in the office. The patient receives a home unit. They use the AVE unit on the off days to help reinforce the training performed in the office.

emWave is a scientifically validated hardware/software system that teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced. This is achieved through a patented process which displays heart rhythm patterns in real time showing you when you are in this high performance state, called coherence.

emWave helps you achieve coherence and alignment through simple-to-learn exercises and feedback. Using a pulse sensor, emWave collects pulse data and translates coherence information into user-friendly graphics displayed on your computer screen. Through coherence techniques, interactive exercises and game play, emWave helps you bring your heart and mind into a coherent state, building resilience, increasing energy, and promoting focus, mental clarity and emotional balance.

We utilize the emWave to also reduce stress and improve oxygen flow to the brain, which helps the brain make better and stronger connections when performing the Neurofeedback training.

Chiropractic Adjustments
The goal of chiropractic treatment is to reduce the subluxation, increase the range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve mobility. Our compassionate and qualified chiropractor will work with you to relieve this pain and get you back to being pain free every single day.

A chiropractic adjustment involves high velocity thrusts applied to the vertebra, relieving sensation, discomfort, and spasms in the surrounding muscles. It also releases joint cavitation, which is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Although many people visit their chiropractor and have an adjustment when something feels out of alignment, a regular visit will help you avoid any pain in the future and will keep your body feeling great all day long.

If you are having one of those days when you are not in the best mood, an adjustment may actually help. Your body will feel much better, which will naturally improve your mood.

These are just some of the services that we provide here at Cognitive Solutions. If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, please contact us today at (208) 938-1976.