My son received Neurofeedback from Cognitive Solutions in 2014 when he was 5 years old. Our son had received a diagnosis of ADHD months prior and he also has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. He was displaying behaviors of hyperactivity, aggression, and impulsivity. The level of intensity of the symptoms affected every area of his life, and ours as a family. After receiving the diagnosis of ADHD, we began to research treatment options for him. We tried various interventions and due to his age and difficulty communicating, we did not want to try ADHD medications until we exhausted our options of treating the root cause of ADHD.

This is when we stumbled upon Cognitive Solutions and scheduled our first assessment with them. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the connection their staff had with our son. Being a family business, they were truly warm and caring, which helped our son feel comfortable right away. The patience Todd Woodward displayed as he worked with our son over the following months was incredible and made a significant difference in our son being able to receive therapy.

Our son was re-assessed at age 8 by a Neurobehavioral Child Psychologist and the diagnosis of ADHD was removed from his diagnosis list. As a family, what we noticed within months of beginning treatment was that his aggression towards others, inability to sit still, and impulsivity were completely gone. I felt like Cognitive Solutions had removed a veil which prevented our son from enjoying life and their treatment helped him truly become himself and shine! We are so grateful we tried Neurofeedback with Cognitive Solutions and our son is able to thrive.

Thank you!
Julie B.

Our daughter, Rhae, is diagnosed with the same syndrome as Dr. Todd’s daughter which is called Satb2 Associated Syndrome. This is a single gene mutation that profoundly affects neuro development and has multi systemic characteristics.

We discovered the strength of neurofeedback through meeting Dr. Todd’s 13 year old daughter, Amelia and wanted similar results for our daughter.

For us, cognitive solutions has been so flexible and excited to share a way to help our daughter explore her potential through neuro feedback. We work remotely with Dr. Todd every month to discuss next steps and things from the previous monthly sessions.

I am very happy and hopeful with cognitive solutions.

We are somewhat early into the program and can already see positive results from neuro feedback like cleaner motor planning characteristics and our daughter is trying to talk verbally more.

We do Neurofeedback in additional to more tradition therapy types and feel that it amplifies those therapy results.

Rhae’s Mom, Jessica T.

A year after my husband passed away, I began experiencing what I thought was anxiety. When I was passing Dr. Woodward’s office I noticed that he had “anxiety” listed on his advertising, as one of the disorders that could be treated by Neurofeedback.

I spoke with him about treatment and he was confident that he would help bring relief to my very serious and uncomfortable attacks.

I began with eight consecutive treatments over a couple of weeks. Dr. Woodward then tested me to see what improvements he could see through the brain mapping. It showed that I had improved half way from his original testing. I told him that I was feeling fewer and less sever anxiety at that point. We decided to do another eight treatments and when they were completed I was “anxiety” free.

Anxiety is frightening and debilitating and I am very happy to be free from this disorder. I continue to share my personal experience with ineuofeedback in hopes of helping others with this and other disorders.

C. A. Wilson

My son has autism and ADHD. We have done many traditional and alternative therapies to help our son without using medications. He showed progress with everything we utilized, but his attention and focus were still at a low level. I started homeschooling him at the beginning of 3rd grade and would have to give him approx. 3-6 prompts every 20 minutes of seat work to stay on task and complete his assignments. After a summer of doing Cognitive Solutions neurofeedback, we saw some changes in his emotional regulation, which was a plus. However, the most prevalent change was when he started the 4th grade school year. I could give him an assignment and he could complete it without getting distracted and off-task. He no longer needed the constant prompts. Also, the quality of his schoolwork improved.

While nothing is a silver-bullet, the neurofeedback made a difference and we are thankful for Dr. Todd Woodward and his compassionate care. My son always looked forward to going to see Dr. Todd!

Angeleah L.

A lot had changed in my life very quickly, and I was dealing the best I could with therapy and self help materials. After a few years of still-increasing anxiety and depression, I added three medications to my treatment.

After another year of waiting for each day to end, and dreading the responsibilities of the next day to begin, I looked in to neurofeedback.

I had been experiencing increasing headaches, and my anxiety was such that I was having rare, but scary, mini breakdowns.

My insurance partially covered my visits. But I was still almost afraid to try neurofeedback, because if it did not work I would not know what else I could do.

I am so happy that I took the chance. After 10 weeks of very enjoyable and calming visits (often you feel like going to sleep), my anxiety was greatly reduced. I was sleeping better, as my brain felt more calm.

I even felt less static electricity off of myself. The frantic nature of my coping personality was giving way back to my true, confident, one.

I was no longer irritable, and my 3 year old asked me ‘Mommy, are you nice now?”. My headaches went away 3 weeks in to treatment and have stayed that way almost 1 year out.

My negative grooves had gotten too deep in my brain for me to pull myself out of them with simply awareness, medications and self help methods. It amazes me that through a negative feedback loop, my brain was able to transfer it’s transmittance to new, more preferable frequencies, and form deep, lasting grooves there. I was afraid my cognition would revert back to the panicked times pre-therapy after I stopped treatments, but that has not happened.

Life had gotten me off track, but I feel like I’m back to the person I am supposed to be. I am so thankful for the development of this method. And I am so thankful to Dr. Todd for acquainting me with it, and applying it so effectively and easily.

My hope is that others have access to and confidence in this treatment. I hope it is able to help many others as it has helped me.

– Candice S.
Mom, wife, and Optometrist
Boise, ID

Thank you Dr. Woodward for giving me my true son. We tried everything available to us to help our son with his severe symptoms associated with ADHD. We even gave neurofeedback a try before finding you, and it helped very littIe, but improvement was improvement in our eyes. I know he was very difficult to begin with, but your love, experience, persistence, and expertise has changed our son into the boy we knew he was and capable of being. He has finished his first full year of school, which by itself is amazing since he is 11 years old. We have been able to travel in the car for more miles than we have ever been able to before. His level of concentration has easily increased a hundred fold. We are able to have conversations and to this date he has not had a blow-up. I don’t know why your program worked miracles over other neurofeedback, but the difference is out of this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot say it enough. We look forward to a follow-up with you in the future. Take care.

– Tanya Y.

Wow! That is all I can say. I was on 3 different medications for the last 10 years, just to get a few hours of sleep every night. When you took on my case, I thought for sure that this was like everything else I have tried, not gonna work. Well I was dead wrong. Instead I now get 6-8 hours of good to great restful sleep every night, without medication. I wish I found you years ago. Thanks for all your help.

– Denise P.

Dr. Woodward, I cannot believe what you have done for my son. When we brought him to you, he was on 2 different medications just to control his ADHD. And those medications did not work very well, as by the end of the school day he was beyond any control. Major blow outs everyday were the norm. He also was wetting himself 2-3 times a day. He tended to be very aggressive with me on a daily basis. I don’t understand how neurofeedback really works, but then again I don’t care, it works and that’s all that matters to me. Ben is no longer wetting himself, he is no longer aggressive towards me or his siblings, and he is able to pay attention at school. His teacher asked what we did, because she describes his changes in the class as miraculous. We have recently noticed that he is able to comprehend a lot more of what he is reading. His level of concentration is way better, I mean way better. I wish I could tell all the parents that have kids with these issues to just do it. I want to scream it from the mountain tops. GO SEE DR. WOODWARD!!!!! Thanks again for helping our Ben, he is just an awesome boy.

– Amanda S.

My name is LaVonne M, I am 53 years old and I originally went to Dr. Todd Woodward for brain based therapy (neurofeedback) to reconstruct my sleep patterns. I had an extreme case of insomnia and sleep disorder for 20+ years. I tired everything the medical profession threw at me; sleep studies, medications (more than I care to count), all with no results. I was told I had to live with this debilitating disorder. I would sleep maybe 2 hours throughout the night, even with Ambien and other medications. It wasn’t until Dr. Woodward told me that I don’t have to live this way. He performed an EEG and studied my case to determine the optimal treatment plan. Well, let me tell you, about after 2 months of treatment, I noticed not only was I getting the deep sleep I needed, but I was now able to focus and stay on task until certain projects were complete. That was something I have had trouble with all my life. I am now sleeping anywhere between 6-8 hours consistently every night. The neurofeedback treatment also stabilized my emotions and I now can actually engage in an emotional conversation without crying. My husband has noticed many of these changes and feels the same way I do; this treatment changed my life! Dr. Woodward was able to help me and my brain make the changes necessary to live a more normal life, all without any harmful long-term medications. I thank Dr. Woodward for all he has done for me.

– LaVonne Mc.

Today is a great day! We went and had our son retested today for his reading and comprehension ability after his neurofeedback treatment was finished. It’s amazing what they found. When we first asked our doctor about neurofeedback, he was unsure of what might be accomplished. He referred us to Dr. Woodward, and he explained everything to us and what might be possible through neurofeedback. But, Dr. Woodward amazed me when he said that he would only take on this case if he felt like he could help Brenan. So he perfomed the EEG and worked up his case. Dr. Woodward stated that he felt Brenan would get some benefit, but not sure how much, and gave us the option to either try care or look for alternatives, basically no pressure sales, he wanted the best for our son. Without hesitation we started care. Before neurofeedback Brenan would take 10 minutes to read 2 pages of his reading level and could only recall 10% of what he read. Today, Brenan was able to read 14 pages in 10 minutes with 60% recall. Although he still has some issues, they are minor in comparison to his prior abilities. We should also mention that Brenan is now more confident with himself as well. An absoute amazing therapy, would not hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much!

– Daniel S.